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Community Tennis Programs
for Youth and Adults

There are many community tennis programs available in Vermont for tennis players of all ages and abilities.

Karen Didricksen is the USTA Vermont Tennis Service Representative. She can help set up programs or find existing ones. She is available at 802-431-8554 for more information about the following programs:

Parks & Recreation Tennis

Many Communities offer tennis lessons and clinics for adults and juniors throughout the state. A list of tennis programs are under the 'places to play' tab. Registering a Parks & Recreation program on Net Generation allows communities to obtain USTA curriculum and free equipment.

USTA National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL)

The mission of this program is to bring tennis and education together to change lives. Using this powerful combination to help serve up dreams for under-resourced youth. There are over 300 chapters nationwide serving over 180,000 children combining instruction and friendly competition along with academic, citizenship and mentoring programs. Vermont's NJTL chapter is in Bennington. If interested in starting a local NJTL chapter, please click here to
learn more about NJTLs.

Net Generation USTA - School Tennis

Net Generation brings tennis to elementary, middle school & high school students via their physical education classes with SHAPE America developed turnkey curriculum. Net Generation PE programs who partner with Community Partnerships also receive tennis equipment. Teacher training is available to help teach in non-traditional environments.

After-school Programs are another opportunity to introduce Net Generation tennis to junior players.

Net Generation is USTA's Youth Tennis Brand and a nation-wide platform to educate & help search for coaches and community providers.All providers have been trained in Safe Play and have passed NCSI background screening.

To learn more about Net Generation, please visit NETGENERATION.COM

Vermont's Tennis Service Representative is: Karen Didricksen | 802-431-8554.