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2007 Vermont/Blue Star Adult Rankings

2007 Vermont/Blue Star Adult Rankings

Men’s Singles

1. Thibaut Huens: Australia

2. Damon Fitch: Burlington

3. Ryan Cassidy: Rutland

4. Chris Martel: Burlington

5. Nicolas Bourges: Argentina

Mark Bonfigli: Williston

7. Ken Wong: Williston

8. Curt Johnson: Essex

9. Eric Franz: Burlington

10. David Ro: Williston

11. Tyler Audette: Underhill

Jarryd Audette: Underhill

Men’s Doubles

1. Ryan Cassidy: Rutland

Ken Wong: Williston

Eric Franz: Burlington

4. Damon Fitch: Burlington

5. Jim Glanville: Underhill

6. Thibaut Huens: Australia

7. Curt Johnson: Essex

8. Lee Rosen: Richmond

9. Bob Audette: Underhill

Jarryd Audette: Underhill

11. Tyler Audette: Underhill

Women’s Singles

1. Heidi Greer: Essex

2. Lindsay Hartley: Charlotte

3. Suzanne Weinstein: Middlebury

4. Gaby Berkman: Shelburne

Women’s Doubles

1. Kristin Hartley: Charlotte

Jeanne Hulsen: Hinesburg

3. Amy Berkman: Shelburne

Danika Robison: South Burlington

5. Chris Cavin: South Burlington

6. Nancy Fitch: Burlington

Criteria for Adult Ranking

To receive a year-end ranking in Open MS, MD, WS, or WD, a player must play in 33% of Blue Star tournaments in that category and if player plays in more than 50% of tournaments in a particular category, the best 50% results will count toward ranking. The major components used to determine rankings are average points per tournament and total accumulated. Head-to-head results are used in case of a tie. Points are awarded as follows: winner (100), finalist (75), semifinalist (50), quarterfinalist (25), Round of 16 (10), Round of 32 (5). You must win at least one round to receive points. The end-of-year Tournament of Champions has double ranking points.

General Information

The purpose of the Blue Star/Vermont Adult ranking is to gain recognition and exposure to participating players and tournaments – and to provide a systematic means of ranking participating players.

Blue Star Tournaments are designated in advance with tournament directors and ranking committee approval. These are open tournaments in Vermont that are held annually, well publicized, and locally organized and sponsored.

The tournament schedule will attempt to provide varied dates, locations, surfaces, and indoor-outdoor play.

The Blue Star Ranking Committee includes: Damon Fitch (658-0001), Joe Franz (879-0301), Larry Bayle (355-7030), Bob Audette (899-5442), Jerry Knickerbocker (578-8327). Any others interested are welcome.